About Us

The BAMEPE collective is a social change movement, with a vision of equitable physical education. BAMEPE was formed on the 11th August 2019 with our first tweet stating:

We observed that something was missing. So we decided to do something about it.

BAMEPE, 2019

The current teaching workforce is not representative of the young people that we teach; one of our aims are to raise the profile of physical education through the voices that are often not represented within the field. We hope to drive change through encouraging more BAME physical educators into the field, engaging BAME physical educators in research and new experiences and making changes in physical education to promote equity.

Our logo

This is a very important part of our collective identities, as inclusivity lies at the heart of our movement. The silhouettes represent four animations of women; a historically marginalised group within physical education. The term ‘BAME’ (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) although widely accepted, we also recognise that it is contested by members of this community. Inspired by the flag created by Daniel Quasar, ‘BAMEPE’ incorporates the transgender flag and the updated pride flag to represent people of colour within the LGBTQIA community. We also support people with different abilities; our communicational materials include the well-recognised disability flag.

Our founders

Co-founders Dr Shrehan Lynch & Laura McBean

Dr Shrehan Lynch: is currently a Senior Lecturer in teacher education at the University of East London, she teaches on the PGCE, School Direct and Apprenticeship programmes training teachers. @DrlynchEdu

Laura McBean: is currently an RQT in Secondary Physical Education in South London, she is also completing her PhD studies at the University of East London. @Mcbeanpe

Want to hear a little bit more about our movement and how and why we started?

Interview with Shrehan and Laura hosted by Nathan Horne – 19th June 2020

Our Steering Group Members & Volunteers

Raina is a passionate PE teacher, born in Zanzibar and grew up in Nottingham. In her spare time, Raina is an avid crossfitter!
Tina is a passionate PE teacher, born in England she is keen to expand the amount of BAME students getting involved in Physical Education. She grew up in East London. In her spare time, Tina is an avid swimmer and enjoys baking and outdoor leisure activities such as body boarding.
Lisa is a Kiwi who has been living in East London for the past five years. When she is not using her brain cells for marketing and design, she’s binge reading fantasy books and baking for loved ones.
Airina is a passionate PE teacher, born in Argentina, grew up in Spain and lives in London. She has special devotion for inclusion in PE and innovation in education. In her spare time, Airina is an avid climber, swimmer, contemporary dancer and loves outdoor activities.
Dylan is a student and aspiring PE teacher who is passionate about changing stereotypes within PE and helping it to become an all-inclusive space. I especially want to help in getting more trans people feeling comfortable participating in sport and PE. In my spare time I love to rock climb!
Laura is a Head of PE at a British International School in Thailand. She has a particular interest in inclusion, and is currently pursuing a doctorate focusing on international school provision for students with SEND. Laura’s other passions include travelling, rescuing animals and riding motorbikes.

Kennedra is a wellness warrior for young people and adults, as a PE teacher and fitness instructor. She believes in helping people make health and wellness choices that lead to a better quality of life.  In her free time she enjoys working out, traveling and reading.
Mimi is a Primary PE Sport Specialist, who enjoys playing and coaching football as well as running his own football coaching business. He is a keen enthusiast and admirer of impacting Primary PE and raising activity and engagement levels of every child.

Justin currently teaches physical education, health, and technology in Lawrence. He is the brain behind #slowchatpe and slowchatpe.wordpress as well as the co-creator of voxerpe.com and the voxer physical education chat which has 500 physical education teachers from all over the world.