The BAMEPE collective is working hard to spread our work far and wide. Below you can find our contributions so far. Get in touch with us if you would like to contribute to a research paper.

Our first article provides an intoduction to BAMEPE which was featured in the afPE Physical Education Matters Spring 2020 edition and can be read here:

This article is focused on advocating for oue profession which was featured in the afPE Summer 2020 edition and can be read here:

The following two articles provides an A-Z for creating a socially just physical education, co-authored by Dr Shrehan Lynch.

Part 1 can be read here:–Z-of-Social%20Justice-Physical-Education-P1.pdf

This article written by Dylan Ahmed provides some tips for supporting transgender youth in physical education and is featured in afPE Physical Education Matters Autumn 2020

Part 2 can be read here:–Z-of-Social%20Justice-Physical-Education-P2.pdf

Our most recent article was written by Shrehan Lynch, Justin Schleider and Laura McBean and can be read here: