Reading List

We have provided some recommended reading relating to our movement. If you have any suggestions please pass them on via our Contact Us page.

Social justice agenda in physical education:

Azzarito, L., Macdonald, D., Dagkas, S., & Fisette, J. (2017). Revitalizing the physical education social-justice agenda in the global era: Where do we go from here? Quest, 69(2), 205-219.

Landi, D., Lynch, S. and Walton-Fisette, J. (2020) The A – Z of social justice physical education part 2. Journal of Physical Education Recreation and Dance, 91(5), 20-27. Find the article here:–Z-of-Social%20Justice-Physical-Education-P2.pdf

Lynch, S., Sutherland, S. and Walton-Fisette, J. (2020) The A – Z of social justice physical education: part 1. Journal of Physical Education Recreation & Dance, 91(4), 8-13. Find the article here:–Z-of-Social%20Justice-Physical-Education-P1.pdf

Walton-Fisette, J. L., Sutherland, S. and Hill, J. (2019). Teaching about social justice issues in physical education. Information Age Publishing. Find the book here:

Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy Journal – PESP

Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy Journal Volume 25 Issue 3 Equity and diversity in health, physical activity and education:

Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy Journal Volume 23 Issue 5 Exploring social justice issues in physical education teacher education:

Models based practice – A sociocultural approach:

Landi, D., Fitzpatrick, K., & McGlashan, H. (2016). Models Based Practices in Physical Education: A Sociocritical Reflection. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education35(4), 400-411.

Debunking the obesity epidemic:

Gard, M., & Wright, J. (2005). The obesity epidemic: Science, morality and ideology. Routledge. Find the book going cheap here: *

Hegemonic masculinity:

Parker, M. B., & Curtner-Smith, M. D. (2012). Sport education: A panacea for hegemonic masculinity in physical education or more of the same?. Sport, Education and Society17(4), 479-496.

Cultural studies model:

Click to access 71591_ch12_secure.pdf

Resources on body positivity:

Videos to watch on this topic:

Plus-size? More like my size by Ashley Graham:

What Comes After Loving Yourself? Advice from a Fat Fly Brown Girl by Yesika Salgado:


Daníelsdóttir, S., O’brien, K. S., & Ciao, A. (2010). Anti-fat prejudice reduction: a review of published studies. Obesity facts3(1), 47-58.

Shilling, C. (2008). Body pedagogics, society and schooling. Education, Disordered Eating and Obesity Discourse. London: Routledge.


Crabbe, M. J. (2017). Body Positive Power: How to stop dieting, make peace with your body and live. Random House.

Equality and Education books

Sensoy, O., & DiAngelo, R. (2017). Is everyone really equal?: An introduction to key concepts in social justice education. Teachers College Press. Find the book here:

hooks, b. 2001. All about love. USA: William Morris.

*Not plugging amazon, actually we recommend a small local book shop, but the website shows the exact books we are referring to